Mobilehome Advocacy Project

The Mobilehome Advocacy Project is dedicated to ensuring residents living in mobilehome parks are protected from common housing violations. We strive to educate residents on their rights through targeted presentations and workshops. Our services include advice and representation for pre-eviction and eviction disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “MRL”?

  • Mobilehome Residency Law, which generally only applies to mobilehome homeowners.

Who is a Homeowner?

  • A homeowner owns their mobilehome unit while renting a mobilehome park space or site.

Who is a Resident?

  • Anyone who legally occupies a mobilehome. They usually rent the home and space from the park.

Does MRL protect residents?

  • For the most part, no. There are some MRL provisions that cover the entire park community. Most of the provisions of the MRL expressly apply to homeowners only, such as the terms and receipt of written leases. Topics that cover residents include management entry into mobilehomes or park spaces, vehicle removal, communications and right to assemble, park nuisances, and violating park rules.

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