Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Volunteer Attorney Program?

It is a program administered by GBLA in cooperation with that Kern County Bar Association that: utilizes volunteer attorneys to promote the delivery of pro bono services to the low income; increases access to the judicial system to the low income, promotes the concept that pro bono service is vital to the professional responsibility of each private attorney and the reputation of the profession.

Who can volunteer with the Volunteer Attorney Program?

All attorneys in good standing.

If I decide to volunteer, do I have to commit to extensive hours?

No. Our volunteers determine their own hours. We understand that attorneys are busy with their on practices/workplaces and we appreciate you taking a full case or even a portion of a case by making a court appearance, doing legal research, or any other legal tasks. We also have opportunities to give legal seminars or workshops.

What benefits can I expect from volunteering?

-Professional liability insurance coverage
-Personal satisfaction and altruism by helping those in need
-Investment in economic, social, and educational justice
-Professional stimulation and change of pace
-Development of contacts within the community and legal profession
-Opportunities to learn new fields of law and gain invaluable litigation experience
-Staff support including access to paralegals and translators
-Training and resource materials
-The Wiley W. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services for those volunteering 50 or more hours a year

What areas of law are involved with the Volunteer Attorney Program?

-Child custody and visitation
-Consumer Law
-Domestic Violence
-Health Law
and more